Thalgo Slim Biotic

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A balanced intestinal flora, a lighter and more streamlined shape! Stress, an unbalanced diet that is too rich in fats and sugars and lack of exercise can all contribute to an imbalance in our intestinal flora. If our organism does not get its quota of good bacteria, this can take its toll on the digestive system. Consequently, the stomach feels bloated and uncomfortable. Thalgo Slim Biotic helps reduce this discomfort thanks to the exclusive combination of probiotics and prebiotics. Two strains of bacteria, the active probiotics whose efficacy have been scientifically proven, help to replenish our intestinal flora by increasing the proportion of helpful bacteria. Prebiotic fibres enhance the efficacy of the probiotics by multiplying these good bacteria. For maximum results: Take Thalgo Slim Biotic in conjunction with a balanced diet. Consume your meals in peace and quiet and eat slowly; stress aggravates digestive problems! Take regular physical exercise. Recommended use: 1 sachet per day to be diluted in a glass of water or yoghurt, at breakfast.