Thalgo Polynesia Spa Ritual

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Thalgo Polynesia Spa Ritual

Treatment time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Welcome to the world of the Polynesia Ritual, the brand new exotic sensorial spa ritual from Thalgo, inspired by four of the most beautiful islands hidden in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

“Ia Ora Na Maeva” is “hello and welcome” in Polynesian.

Taha’a Stopover
Vanilla Island featuring Exotic Island Body Scrub

A stopover in Taha’a is an encounter with exquisite and delicious scents, including vanilla. Close to Tahiti, Taha’a is the source of most of the famous Tahitian vanilla, known to be the best in the world!

Thalgo enriched its Exotic Island Body Scrub with white Bora Bora sand and marine salt, both of which are rich in stress-relieving magnesium. Coconut shells complete the exfoliating action of this Polynesian-inspired scrub. Vanilla Tahitensis and Sargassum seaweed encourage relaxation of body and mind. Plant oils and Monoi Oil intensely nourish the skin.

Manihi Stopover
Lagoon Island featuring Lagoon Water Bath Pebbles

The Lagoon Water Bath Pebbles are enriched with relaxing micro-algae and a moisturizing plant extract. Its effervescent composition with a champagne effect releases thousands of micro-bubbles that allow for a gentle massage. The azure blue color and aquatic scent help accentuate the experience.

Bora Bora Stopover
White Sand Island featuring Mahana Massage Oil

Who has never dreamed of waking up on a white sand island beach in the morning breeze? It’s time to receive the sublime Mahana Massage. The Mahana Massage Oil and the two Tuiponos (pouches of warm sand) will help to perform a traditional Polynesian massage.

The warmth of the Tuiponos will ensure effective muscular relaxation. The Mahana massage will include Oceanic Spiral, Polynesian Kneading, Tahitian Breeze and Lomi Lomi Smoothing movements.

Raïatea Stopover
Sacred Island featuring Polynesian Sacred Oil

Raïatea, the sacred island, is the first island where the Maohi people made their home. We will share one of the beauty secrets of Polynesian women: the application of Monoi Oil. Polynesian Sacred Oil is absolutely sumptuous. Its dry oil texture nourishes the skin and leaves a supple finish behind. The golden pearly particles embellish the skin and beautify it with a subtle iridescent sheen. It is ideal on the décolleté, arms and legs for a shimmering evening.