Thalgo Collagen Booster

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Thalgo Collagen Booster boosts skin youth from within.Thalgo Collagen Booster

Rapid booster action reactivates the skin’s youth by acting at the heart of the cells from microcirculation to dermis and epidermis.

Made with Peptan™ Marine Collagen that provides collagen peptides to boost fibroblast proliferation and collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis. More than 90% of Peptan™ is quickly digested and absorbed. The collagen peptide concentration is higher in the skin and is stored for 14 days.

Peptan Marine Collagen (1000 mg) smoothing and restructuring Hyaluronic Acid (10 mg) hydrating and re-plumping
Antioxidant complex (100% new RDA)
Vitamin C: 
collagen synthesis, anti free radical
Vitamin E: protects skin lipidic structure
: reinforces skin active defenses
Vitamin B8: skin health and beauty